House Leveling in Winston-Salem: Get Back on Solid Ground!

Our House Leveling in Winston-Salem Methods Work!

Do you need house leveling in Winston-Salem? Then you want the best crew working for you! Winston-Salem Foundation Repair Experts has the specialized equipment, tools, materials, methods, and a team capable of putting your property back on solid ground. Are you ready to live in a more structurally sound building? We're prepared to assist you.

We have over 20 years of experience in foundation leveling, and we guarantee what we do works. The heavy-duty machinery and methods required to do house leveling are only obtainable by working with an expert company. We employ a highly-trained crew qualified to carry out your project.

House leveling is NEVER a DIY job. It's dangerous, and one mistake can be catastrophic. Please don't risk it. Trust your foundation services to our licensed and insured team of professionals. Call today to set up your FREE quote and complimentary foundation inspection.

house leveling Winston-Salem
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Why Should You Get House Leveling in Winston-Salem?

Why pay the cost of house leveling in Winston-Salem? Because you want to gain all the advantages of living in a stable house that will hold up under the most extreme conditions for years to come. However, you must partner with the right foundation repair company to gain all the benefits of house leveling. We are confident that we can be that for you.

Our team has seen what leveling a house foundation service can do, and we're eager to share our findings with all of our valued customers, including you!

  • Restoring doors and windows to proper functioning - creates a more comfortable environment that's also more energy-efficient.
  • Putting trim and other constructional components back in place - aesthetics and preventing future repairs.
  • Push wall cracks back together.

If you can feel a tilt or unevenness anywhere in your home, we help your problems go away. Get your property in the best condition possible by contacting our crew. We have a dedicated team of experts ready to talk with you today!

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Signs Leveling Your House Foundation is Necessary

Before you have to fork over the money for a house leveling in Winston-Salem, you should know beyond a shadow of a doubt if it's necessary. Unfortunately, unless you've worked in foundations before, it isn't easy to fully understand what you see and whether or not it requires professional attention.

We're not like other foundation repair contractors who tell you that a repair is necessary if it isn't just to cash in. What information we provide you with is honest and accurate. However, to help ease your mind, we will give you a few indications to start with:

  • Cracks in the walls - will appear either inside, outside, or both. Brick homes will show cracks in the motor between the bricks.
  • Bowing walls - basement walls may look bowed because a shifted foundation will shift them and push them inward.
  • Floors that slope - sloping, sagging, uneven, or bowing floors all indicate foundation problems.
  • Ceiling and wall gaps - crown molding pulled away from the ceiling or space between windows and walls or doors and wall signify an issue.

If you're still not sure whether or not our team should show up with our house leveling jacks in Winston-Salem, reach out to our office. We're friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to serve you!

house leveling service in Winston-Salem
symptoms house leveling in Winston-Salem is needed

Our Crew is Here for Your Foundation Leveling Services

Instead of putting a band-aid on the problems you see on the interior of your home, fix the underlying issues with house leveling in Winston-Salem. Our team has the most experience in the region, and we offer everything you want out of a foundation repair company.

  • Locally owned and operated - personal attention & dedication to your project
  • Modern methods - we stay up-to-date on the ever-changing foundation industry
  • Specialized equipment - our tools and machinery is well maintained and ready
  • Warranties on all services - we stand firmly behind what we do
  • Satisfaction GUARANTEED! - if something isn't right when we leave, we will come back and fix it

Our resourceful blog has a plethora of information about house leveling and various other foundation repair techniques and services. Please take a look at it to gain the knowledge you need to feel comfortable with what we can do for you. Then, reach out for your custom, complimentary quote!



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"Winston-Salem Foundation Repair Experts made sure our home was watertight! We had constant basement flooding issues but, they were able to repair the foundation and guarantee it's waterproofed. Highly recommend!"
- Cathy S.

Protect Your Foundation with Our Prevention Services

Winston-Salem Foundation Repair Experts is the leading choice for all foundation repair services in the state. In addition, we help keep your foundation safe from future issues, as long as you take advantage of them while your structure is still in good shape. Call to ask our crew about our basement waterproofing, crawl space waterproofing, sump pump installation, French drain installation, crawl space encapsulation, vapor barriers, and much more. 

Quotes are free, and we offer the most competitive rates around.

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Is your home in need of a foundation inspection? Or maybe house leveling? Don't wait to repair your foundation issues in Winston-Salem. Call us at (336) 537-2424
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