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"Winston-Salem Foundation Repair Experts made sure our home was watertight! We had constant basement flooding issues but, they were able to repair the foundation and guarantee it's waterproofed. Highly recommend!"
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Winston-Salem Foundation Repair Experts - Start on Solid Ground

Foundation Repair

Comprehensive foundation inspections by licensed foundation contractors
House leveling, basement foundation repair, and foundation leak repairs done accurately
Commercial foundation repair in Winston-Salem for all property types


Basement waterproofing utilizing the highest-quality materials
Crawl space waterproofing in Winston-Salem performed in cramped spaces
Sump pump installation, French drain installation, and much more!

Customer Care

Satisfaction is our top priority, regardless of the size of your project.
Complimentary estimates kick off your much-needed foundation repair service.
Licensed, insured, and qualified foundation repair contractors that know what to do.

Winston-Salem Foundation Repair Experts - Discover How We Became #1 in North Carolina

There are plenty of foundation repair companies in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina region. Some of them offer their services at a more affordable rate, but foundation repair is one home improvement project that you don't want to get a discount on.

Like with most lower-cost prospects, the cheaper the price tag, the lesser the quality. The Winston-Salem Foundation Repair Experts have earned the number one position based on the balance provided between quality, reasonable prices, and customer care.

There's more to getting a foundation repair in Winston-Salem than the bill. Take into consideration all the factors of arranging a top-notch experience for your upcoming foundation repair, waterproofing, or crawl space services, and you're going to wind up right back here with our dedicated and knowledgeable team.

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contractors pouring cement for foundation repair in Winston-Salem

All-Inclusive Foundation Repair in Winston-Salem - No Project Gets Turned Away!

We're not the foundation repair contractors in Winston-Salem that pick the jobs we want based on how easy it is or how much money we're going to make off. If you have a structural repair need, we'll assist you without hesitation.

Foundation Repair

A foundation repair in Winston-Salem is a home repair service you can't do alone. Leave it to our qualified experts, and you'll have the peace of mind you want to understand without a shadow of a doubt that it has been done right.

Crawl Space

Do you have a tight, uncomfortable, dark, and somewhat creepy crawl space in Winston-Salem that needs some attention? We're not afraid! We do everything, including waterproofing, encapsulation, and vapor barriers.


Waterproofing your foundation is one of the best decisions and smartest investments you can make for your property structure. Keeping water away prevents costly damages to the materials your entire home is resting on.

Basement Repair

Is there a basement foundation leak repair in Winston-Salem, NC, that you've been putting off? It might seem insignificant now, but the longer you wait, the worse it's going to get. Get on our schedule books by calling today.

Residential Services

Residential foundations come in various forms, including slab foundation, pier and beam foundations, and concrete foundation types. Our crew knows how to approach repairs for flawless results.

Commercial Services

Commercial foundation repair in Winston-Salem is a service we provide that other contractors don't. We've accumulated the tools and heavy-duty equipment, and we have the methods for safe and efficient finishes.

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Foundation Repair Winston-Salem: Frequently Asked Questions

Before you call and spend your hard-earned money on our foundation repair services, you should get answers to some of the most frequent inquiries about the service. Here, our qualified foundation repair contractors in Winston-Salem clear up some of the concerns from homeowners and business operators in North Carolina.

What is the cost of your foundation repair?

The national average for residential foundation repairs varies. However, your final price could be a lot more or a lot less than your neighbors, depending on what you have going on. The only way to know for sure is by calling to set up a FREE evaluation.

Does my insurance pay for foundation repair services?

While many homeowner policies cover the foundation itself, the situations that lead to foundation repairs are often omitted. Our knowledgeable customer care team will help you decipher your policy with you for better clarification.

Is it worth the investment to get a foundation repair?

Depending on what your final objective is with your property, in most instances, foundation repairs are worth the investment. If you're planning on staying for five years, looking to sell, or if you never want to worry about the condition of your structure's foundation again, it's most definitely an intelligent place to put your money.

Learn the Details of Our Foundation Repair in Winston-Salem Services & Other Home Improvements

Before you schedule a foundation service, crawl space repair, or another project, you deserve to have a clear understanding of what you're requesting and what we do to make it transpire. Find out the specifics on a plethora of home renovations we do throughout our service area to improve your structure's stability. From fixing concrete slabs to basic wall repair, we do it all!

Foundation Inspections in Winston-Salem by Licensed & Qualified Foundation Inspectors

Before you can determine whether or not you need a foundation repair, you need a thorough, precise foundation inspection completed by a structural engineer. We have a qualified foundation inspector on our crew that doesn't miss a single detail when doing an evaluation of your foundation's condition.

We have the experience, so we know what problem areas to look for. Schedule a time that works for you, and feel free to walk with us to have all your questions clarified during the service.
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crack in concrete before foundation repair in Winston-Salem

Foundation Crack Repairs That Prevent More Expensive Fixes

That small foundation crack repair in Winston-Salem you've been putting off should be the next thing on your to-do list. Why? Because the longer you wait, the worse off you're sure to be. What happens when you neglect even the tiniest foundation cracks?

  • Water infiltration
  • Drywall cracks
  • Shifting doors and windows that won't function properly
  • Energy loss
  • Increased utility bills
  • And more!

It might seem minor, but as you can see, there's a lot more going on than what you can observe with an untrained eye. Get our foundation repair contractors at your site now!

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House Leveling - It's an Intricate Process That We've Done a Multitude of Times

Has your structure shifted so much that you want to pick it up and put it back? That's what house leveling in Winston-Salem is, but it's not as straightforward as merely pulling your property into place. The methods and processes must be carefully followed to ensure there are no subsequent damages or losses.

Our attentive and experienced crew has done an assortment of house leveling projects, and we're confident we can complete yours with precision. Find out the specifics on how we make it work by calling our customer representatives.
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evening foundation for house leveling in Winston-Salem
repairing basement foundation in Winston-Salem

Basement Foundation Repairs - Get Down & Enjoy Your Living Space Again!

A basement foundation repair in Winston-Salem is unique to other residential services we offer. That's especially true if you plan to use your area for a living space. You can't afford water leaks and other issues that could disturb what you have set up.

Turn your basement into an office, gym, or den for relaxing, all while knowing it's completely safe and waterproof. Our design team will create the perfect plan when you contact us to partner with to make your ideas come to life.

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Slab Foundation Repair in Winston-Salem That's Cost-Effective & Timely

In more traditional times, homes are constructed on slab foundations. They're more affordable, easier, and quicker to set up. The problem is, there are still slab foundation cracks requiring accurate and reliable foundation repairs. We have stayed current and informed to keep up with the industry expectations for the services we provide.

Get a FREE quote from our licensed foundation contractors by reaching out today!
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concrete for slab foundation repair in Winston-Salem
pier and beam foundation in Winston-Salem

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair of All Shapes & Sizes - Residential & Commercial Foundation Repairs

Pier and beam foundation repair in Winston-Salem performed by our professionals is guaranteed to last. Are your basement walls bowing? Is there standing water in the basement? We have the lasting solutions you're searching for.

We follow the proper protocols for completing even the most challenging projects, including replacing wood that's rotted out and adding in steel shims or concrete piers for longer-lasting stability.

Let us know your budget, and we will create a way to fix your foundation problems in a way that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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About Our Foundation Repairs Available in Winston-Salem Service Areas

Our foundation repair contractors are seen traveling all around our Winston-Salem service area. We are locally-owned and operated and ready to come to your nearby town or city to perform the best foundation repairs in the state of North Carolina.

Start with a FREE complimentary evaluation. We will give you the facts you're looking for so you can make the most informed decision about your home or commercial foundation services. Contact our foundation repair team!

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Our foundation repair company gets it! Foundation repair issues are perplexing for homeowners. Especially when you've never experienced them before. In our free new book, we lay out all the things you need to know about your residential foundation as well as how to hire the right foundation repair contractor.

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Start with a Solid Foundation Repair in Winston-Salem by Trusting it to Us!

Winston-Salem Foundation Repair Experts is the most popular option for all types of foundation repairs, waterproofing services, and for your crawl space needs. Call us at (336) 537-2424
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